Michel Bayne 6" Penny a Slice Bank DP2393

Born in 1959, Michel Bayne was raised in Tigerville, SC.  After high school, he worked for his family’s heating and air conditioning business for 25 years before a work injury forced his early retirement. 

A class at the Greenville Museum of Art in 1977 prompted his initial attraction to pottery.  The class was taught by Steve Ferrell, who later became an Edgefield master potter and historian. Michel continued to make pottery as a hobby throughout his working career.  After surgery in 2003, and with the realization he would not be able to return to work, he decided to turn pottery into his occupation.  He taught himself to make the basic forms and simple decoration.  As his skill improved, his forms became much larger and his decoration much more ornate. Michel quickly attained proficiency at making large vessels and simultaneously took Edgefield decorative techniques to the next level.  Adding to traditional slip trailing technique, Michel also creates detailed scenes with underglaze. 

This bank is 6" tall with a 3" base. There is a stopper on the bottom so the bank can be emptied.

Ships double boxed with tracking and insurance for $20. Does not ship outside of the continental USA.

Model: DP2393

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