Greenwood Lil Messenger Yup/Nope DP1245 SOLD

My art is handbuilt, the old fashioned way. I am all about faces & fun. I use white & terra cotta clays, with layered glazes, & sometimes multi-firing to get the finishes I desire. Green eyes, & only one ear, while not exclusive, are signatures of my work. These guys are all user friendly, (& most don't bite). My hope is that they make you smile as much as they do me! - Denise Greenwood

Lil Messengers average 4.5" tall with a 2.5" diameter base. Put them to good use as a silent verbal warning or advice. They are two sided - with a message on each side. I'm pretty sure you can find a lot of ways to use them! You receive the messenger pictured.

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Model: DP1245

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