Ogden Trouble Light FL176C

Robert Ogden takes recycling to a whole new level. His quirky eye sees potential in disregarded items. You know, those things we have laying around in our garage that belonged to some relative - things that used to have a life, but now lay in a box waiting for a garage sale. Take these trouble lights as an example. A blend of old and new. They average 12" tall, and the wire rim is about 5.5" across. The cord is 110" long with a 2-prong plug. It takes a 25 watt bulb, and turns off and on with an "old-timey" switch at the light fixture. We are so thrilled to have a small example of his work here. He is pretty well known for his more intricate reading and floor lamps, but these treasures fit more appropriately into our goal of keeping our gallery offerings within the price range of a larger audience. Shipping on this item is $10. Our shopping cart charges shipping for each item, but in the happy event you purchase more than one item during your visit, we will credit you for the difference between the actual shipping and the amount charged.

Model: FL176C

This item is ineligible for purchase with a coupon.

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