Twisted Sisters Art Princess Petticoat Lamp FL329 SOLD

Linda Hobdy, the creative mind of Nashville based Twisted Sisters Art creates original artistic lighting and metal sculptures using copper, steel, cast iron, glass and found treasures using an oxy-acetylene torch, mig welder, and plasma cutter to shape large pieces of sheet metal into unusual and intricate art pieces.

Twisted Sisters Art was profiled in 2007 by her local PBS station and written up in Southern Living magazine. Awards include: the "Cutting Edge" award at the Woodlands Festival in Lexington, Kentucky; and an award from the Virginia Highlands Show in Atlanta.

Princess Petticoat Lamp
The lamp is a total of 15" tall and about 14" wide. The base is about 6" in diameter. The soft glow of the lamp is enhanced with the colored light bulb. The shade is metal mesh with free form designs. The shade and base are all one. The base is acrylic, and of unknown origin and original use.

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Model: FL329

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