Cham 14x17 Abstract Paper Collage WP1481

People often ask me what I see in my work. I see beauty in the colors. It doesn’t have to be a particular subject. I would hope that my art could be enjoyed without understanding what it represents, but for the joy it brings and for the way the colors somehow come together.

Cham does not title his work but he does sign and date it when completed. When he decides to work on the painting again, he will date it with the second (or even third) date the work was completed. Cham creates work every single day. A lot of it is on paper with pencil, acrylic, and marker. After some time has passed and the works accumulate, he takes pieces and rips, tears or cuts them into strips which he then uses to create another art piece. This is one of those. 
This piece is a collage on 14"x17" paper. The image size is 8" x 11". This allows the purchaser to frame the entire paper or cut to a size desired. The pieces are not shrink wrapped.  

Ships for $10 within the continental U.S. Does not ship to Canada.

Model: WP1481

This item is ineligible for purchase with a coupon.

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