Brian Wilson

Brian W 150x2Brian Wilson is a fourth generation potter. His great-grandfather, Loy Skelton, began making pottery in 1918. His grandfather, H. A. Wilson founded the Wilson Pottery business in 1927. Brian remembers, as a young boy,  watching his grandmother, father and uncles working at the pottery wheel. When their daily work was done, Brian would practice spinning the clay and quickly learned to produce small flower pots which he proudly sold in the pottery store for one quarter. 

In 1993 he completed his first face jug. He taught himself how to glaze his wares. Since then he’s produced thousands of folk art face jugs, roosters, specialized mugs and other eclectic pieces. His pottery is displayed in numerous museums and art galleries. Brian continues to gain national recognition with his unique style. Additionally, he’s shipped his pieces to collectors in over 70 countries in the past few years; an indication of the expanding popularity of his work.

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