Chub Hubbard

Chub hubbard photo 150With no formal art training beyond grade school, Kentucky native Chris (Chub) Hubbard left a 20 year career as a scientist (microbiologist and environmental consultant) to be “born again” as an artist. The transformation began with his decision to create an art car and participate in the art car scene of the time. The “Heaven and Hell Car” is a lighthearted expression of the good vs. bad dichotomy of self, other people, and life in general. The car is decorated with his first attempts at primitive carvings made from found wood and sheet metal. Depicting saints, angels and devils, the pieces are influenced by his Catholic upbringing and his deep appreciation of outsider/visionary artists from the south such as R.A. Miller, Howard Finster, and Edgar Tolson as well as Latino carvings.

As a result of requests from admirers of the art car he began making more of the “Heaven and Hell” carvings and began to sell them out of the car when traveling around the country to art car festivals and parades. Since he collects materials and assembles most of his art while traveling, he began writing the city and state where he found the material on the back of each art piece. Chris considers this a documentation of his travels and it adds another unique touch to each piece.

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