Madison Latimer

My name is Madison Latimer (though some refer to me as The Chicken Lady)and I live on a farm in the rolling hills of the Piedmont of South Carolina. From my backyard/barnyard, I paint stories of creation, disappointment, and survival. “Me and the chickens” celebrate life every day. If ya’ll are hearing something laughing and it’s not you, trust me, it’s just us chickens dancing and singing in the barnyard.

With paintings of guinea foul and roosters, I capture their spirits, laughter, and zest for life. I bring to you the reminder of kindness and simple joys of life. We all celebrate life as human beings. My art says, “Folks, take pride in who you are, laugh, and be nice to one another, but above all ‘Celebrate life’ past, present and future. Now is what we’ve got.”

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